Dog Hair Everywhere is The Best Way to Remove it

Help! Dog hair everywhere is the best way to remove it. The coat of your four-legged friend is just wonderful. It protects him from the weather as well as from injuries, keeps him nice and warm, and feels wonderfully fluffy. This is great, but it also has a big drawback. There are hairs everywhere in your apartment – on the floor, on the couch, on the dog blanket, and even in your bed. Not to mention your clothes.

Therefore, dog owners with light dogs also often prefer light clothes and a light interior, while those with dark four-legged friends pay attention to dark clothes and dark interiors.

But are there other solutions? How to remove dog hair, and quite simply and sustainably? We will tell you our best tips.

What is the best way to remove dog hair?

The answer is obvious: with a brush. Regular grooming ensures that you remove a large part of loose dog hair in a targeted manner. Your four-legged friend can not lose this on your sofa, his sleeping place or your clothes.

Another important point to remove dog hair is cleaning. If you have a furry nose, you can’t avoid vacuuming regularly and mopping the floor. It is most effective if you do this once every day. This is how most of the hair that your dog loses in your apartment ends up in the vacuum cleaner. In order to catch very fine hairs in all corners, it is recommended to clean the floor moist once or twice a week.

Especially in spring and autumn, when the change of coat is pending for your dog, these two points are crucial.

In addition, you should regularly clean all surfaces in your home, such as those of sideboards, shelves, and windows. Because there can also be dog hair lying there, which you should remove so that they do not fly around everywhere. Microfiber cloths, which are considered dust magnets and almost attract dirt and hair, are best suited for this.

The more thorough you are, the less hair there is in your household that can get on the sofa, armchair, and your clothes. Nevertheless, you will have to remove dog hair there again and again. Finally, you caress and cuddle with your four-legged friend. He may even be allowed to lie on the sofa with you or in your bed.

How can you remove dog hair from armchairs, sofas, and other upholstered furniture?

Dog hair can be effectively removed from the sofa and other upholstered furniture with a vacuum cleaner. The more powerful the device is, the better. This is even easier with a special upholstery brush or a turbo brush, which is designed for animal hair.

For in-between, animal hair rollers and lint brushes are suitable. With these, you can simply drive over cushions and pillows and remove or collect the loose hair.

How can you remove dog hair from the carpet?

Even if you may not see them immediately due to the same or similar coat and carpet color, a lot of dog hair accumulates on the carpet. In addition, they stick very well in the carpet fibers. What’s the best way to tell them to fight? The means of choice for this is again the vacuum cleaner. It is worth investing in a powerful device. In addition, special brushes are available for changing. These can remove even fine and short dog hair by means of rotation.

If you are very meticulous about hygiene, you can treat your carpets with a steam cleaner. Wet cleaning should remove animal hair more effectively. At the same time, the device draws dust, scales and other fine dirt from the carpet fibers. You can buy or rent these devices from various providers.

It is also best to remove dog hair from the bed with a vacuum cleaner. A steam cleaning is also recommended, because you can use it to eliminate not only the animal hair, but also your own dirt and mites from the mattress and co.

How to get dog hair out of the blanket?

Whether in the dog bed, in the car or on the couch – surely you like to use blankets for your four-legged darling, so that he has it cuddly. Dog hair accumulates very well in these textiles, so that after a short time they almost look like a coat. This may be even more cuddly for your dog, but it has the disadvantage that a lot of hair flies around immediately when you lift the blanket. What can you do about it?

  • Carefully carry the blanket outside and shake it out vigorously there.
  • Brush them off with a clothes brush, a lint roller or an animal hair remover. The blanket should lie on a firm surface and be firmly fixed on at least one side.
  • Put the blanket in the washing machine to remove the remaining dog hair along with dirt and odors. Pay attention to the care instructions for the blanket.

You could also put the dog blanket directly in the washing machine and save yourself the first two steps. However, a lot of dog hair ends up in the machine as a result. This makes it necessary to clean the device often.

How can you remove dog hair from clothes?

It feels like you never get rid of animal hair from shirts, sweaters, trousers and co. Depending on the fabric, these also adhere very well to the garments and are difficult to detach.

Therefore, many dog owners have lint rollers always at hand to drive themselves over the clothes again and again and to remove the dog hair. These collect the hair from the textiles with the help of an adhesive tape, which you can detach from the roll in sections and dispose of together with the hair. However, this method is not very environmentally friendly. Alternatives are clothes brushes, with which you can brush off the dog’s hair. However, this is not as effective as the lint roller and therefore quite tedious.

In addition, you can remove dog hair from your clothes by washing them. As with the blanket, however, a lot of hair ends up in the washing machine. Therefore, our next point:

How can you remove dog hair from the washing machine?

Regardless of the dog’s hair, experts recommend cleaning the washing machine regularly. This ensures hygiene and serves the service life of the device. You can find out exactly how to do this in the operating instructions of your machine. You should pay special attention to the drain pump, strainer and drain hose. So all the parts that transport the dirty water from the washing machine. Because the hair can collect in it and cause blockages over time. To prevent this, you can of course also wash your clothes by hand. So the hair does not end up in the machine.

Lint balls and washballs are also suitable for removing dog hair from the washing machine. You put these in the drum together with the laundry, so that you can put on or pick up the hair during the wash cycle.

In order to remove dog hair before or during the washing cycle, these home remedies should also help:

  • Adhesive curlers
  • Tennis ball
  • Nylon pantyhose
  • Adhesive tape and painting crepe
  • Rubber gloves or disposable latex gloves

How can I remove dog hair from the car and trunk?

As with upholstered furniture and carpets, the vacuum cleaner is best suited for removing dog hair from the car.

You are most flexible with a battery-powered handheld vacuum cleaner. Because then you don’t need a power outlet near your parking space or an extension cord. However, many hand-held vacuum cleaners have less power and you sometimes need more time, effort and energy. The big advantage: The handy, small devices make it easier for you to get into every corner and crack your car.

On seats and flat surfaces, dog hair can usually be easily removed. Hair adheres very well to coarser materials, such as the wall covering in the trunk and the back of the seats. To eliminate these more easily, you can use a damp rubber glove. With this you can easily loosen the dog hair and then suck it up with the hand vacuum cleaner.

Your dog’s coat changes in autumn and spring. During this time, he spreads a lot of hair especially in the trunk or on the seats, if you take him with you in the car. Then use a car blanket or a special trunk protector. This will prevent the hair from spreading in the car and the trunk or seats from getting dirty after walking.


Removing dog hair can be tedious. Especially during the time of the coat change, one often has the impression that one is no longer complying at all. The most effective way is not to take your hair into the apartment in the first place. If you brush your four-legged friend regularly, you can already remove a lot of loose hair before they can spread around your home. In addition, from the large amount that accumulates in the process, you can make something useful.

There are various suppliers who produce wool or knitting yarn from dog hair. You can then either use this yourself or have cuddly knitted products made from it. You can find out more about the sustainable recycling of dog hair, for example, by saving raw materials, which are known from the Lion’s Den.

In addition, you should regularly vacuum and wipe through damp in your home. With the vacuum cleaner and the lint roller, you can easily and effectively remove dog hair on upholstery and textiles. You can clean blankets and clothes in the washing machine. The dog hair is removed during washing, but you should then clean your machine regularly.

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