Gifts for Dogs: How to Make Your Pet Happy?

Your four-legged friend makes you smile everyday and you wonder how you can give back this happiness? Very simple: with a gift for your dog. Whether for Christmas, a first birthday or another occasion: We have collected a variety of gift ideas with which you can make your furry friend happy. And you can even make most of them sustainably yourself

Do Dogs Understand When You Give Them a Gift?

As humans, we are usually happy when we receive something as a gift. And we also understand that what we have been given is a gift. But does your dog do that too?

The perhaps somewhat unsatisfactory answer is: you don’t know. It’s unclear whether dogs truly understand the concept of gift-giving the way we humans do . But that doesn’t mean that their owners shouldn’t give them anything.

Because our four-legged friends understand when we give them attention and love . And that’s exactly what we do with a gift for the dog. We show him that we love him – and that alone is enough to make him happy.

Should You Wrap Gifts for Dogs?

Most dogs love search games . This means: You are welcome to wrap gifts for your dog ! Your darling will almost certainly have fun getting to the contents themselves.

However, it is important that owners only wrap dog gifts in packaging materials that are non-toxic and harmless to their four-legged friends . Great gift packaging for dogs can be, for example:

  • Untreated paper
  • Coarse gift ribbon made from hemp, cork or other natural materials
  • Snuggle box filled with wrapping paper, works, chestnuts, leaves and the gift
  • Gift bag made from natural materials with a handle (your loved one can even carry it around)
  • piece of fabric
  • Hand towel

If your dog doesn’t like unwrapping his present, feel free to do it for him. And next time you can simply hide his gift behind the sofa or under a pillow . By searching, the gift is still associated with a great activity.

Which Gifts are Suitable for Small, Medium and Large Dogs?

When it comes to dog gifts, the size of the four-legged friend usually doesn’t matter. Whether it’s a dachshund or a great dane, you can give everyone treats, dog toys, winter coats or something similar .

Even if the type of gift doesn’t matter when it comes to size, the end product does. For example, if you decide to get your dog a new toy, make sure it’s appropriate for his size and age .

Small dogs and puppies will not enjoy a game of tug that they cannot grasp with their mouths. Conversely, a large dog will not fit into a medium-sized winter coat .

What Gifts for Dogs Can You Make Yourself?

There are many gifts for dogs to buy. However, homemade presents are still the most beautiful and most sustainable . We have collected a whole range of ideas that dog owners can use to make their furry friends happy.

Treats as a Gift for Dogs

Dogs are always happy to receive treats . But instead of always buying them, you can easily make dog treats yourself – and surprise your pet with them.

The great thing about homemade dog treats: You have control over which ingredients go into them . For example, if your dog cannot tolerate gluten, you can treat him to quark hearts . Strawberry chia thalers, dry food snacks or apple and coconut balls are also delicious homemade gifts for dogs.

Sustainable Dog Gifts: Vegan Dog Biscuits

Do you feed your dog a vegetarian  or  vegan diet ? Then give him a gift of homemade, vegan dog biscuits ! For this you need:

  • 2 bananas
  • 16 tablespoons oatmeal
  • 4 tablespoons peanut butter (unsweetened)
  • spelled flour

You can find out how to make  and store your own vegan dog treats in our guide.

Fruity, Fresh Gifts for Dogs with Fruit and Vegetables

You can also make your four-legged friend happy all year round with fruit and vegetables . Simply choose a few different varieties that he likes to eat and drape them together into a pretty cake as a birthday present for your dog, for example .

We’ll show you which types of fruit and vegetables dogs can tolerate in our guide. In our seasonal calendar for fruit and vegetables you will also find information about which varieties are available to us seasonally . This way you can buy the gift for your dog regionally and save CO₂.

Healthy and Delicious: Dog Smoothies as a Gift

Instead of serving the fruit in pieces, dog lovers can also treat their four-legged friend to a dog smoothie . With the right ingredients, this fruity treat is not only delicious, but also provides important nutrients and vitamins .

A positive side effect, especially in summer: your darling will absorb additional water . This is great, especially for dogs that don’t drink much.

In our guide we have collected a few great recipes for dog smoothies for you. How about a MöKuBa or a Green Veggie Doggie, for example?

Gifts for Dogs: Make Toys Yourself

Whether intelligence toys, tug toys or search toys: making toys yourself is often a good way to upcycle them . As a basis for the toy gift for your dog you can use, for example:

  • Old clothes
  • Cardboard rolls (from toilet paper or Zewa roll)
  • Old towels
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Other non-hazardous household items

For example, you can make a tug toy out of old items of clothing such as jeans or sweaters . The cardboard rolls , on the other hand, are wonderful for hiding things in – the ideal basis for an exciting search game.

A really great upcycling dog gift is the sock octopus . With a pair of old socks of the same size, you can easily make a cuddly dog ​​toy for your four-legged friend . Here you can find other great ideas for homemade dog toys such as a fleece tug game or a fetch stick. Also fun: spin the bottle with your dog!

DIY Dog Training Gifts

Do you regularly train your dog with a food bag dummy ? Or are you planning to learn this training method with him? Then a homemade food bag dummy could be the perfect birthday present for your dog. In our guide to feed bag training you will find simple instructions on how you can sew the dummy yourself. We also give you numerous tips on what you should pay attention to when training with a dummy . Take a look!

A Dog Gift for the Winter: Self-Sewn Dog Coat

In winter it can get pretty cold outside. Four-legged friends with little or very short fur are especially happy when they wear a warm sweater or coat when they go for a walk . This contributes to well-being and protects the dog from colds. Depending on the material, the coat can even repel dirt, wind and water.

A dog coat is a great gift for dogs in winter. And you don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of money to do this: In our guide, we’ll show you how you can easily sew a dog coat even if you’re a sewing beginner. This is not only cheap, but also sustainable.

What Personalized Gifts for Dogs are There?

If you are looking for a very special gift for your dog, personalize it with his name . Classic gifts with the dog’s name on them are:

  • collar
  • rope
  • Dishes
  • Dog coat
  • Dog sweater
  • bowl
  • Dog basket
  • Bandanas

Instead of ordering the dog gift personalized , you can sew or embroider your dog’s name into the collar, leash or coat yourself . You can also easily personalize a bowl with hand lettering.

Are There Any Special Dog Gifts for Christmas?

There should not only be Christmas presents for us humans, but also for our dogs. You can give the ideas mentioned above for any occasion – including Christmas. You can think about whether you  design them according to the event . For example, it is a good idea  to cut out dog treats during Advent and Christmas  in the shape of stars, Christmas trees or other typical motifs.

If you want to give your darling something special for the Holy Festival, you can also give him our  Christmas box for dogs . It includes delicious food, fun toys and of course a Christmas surprise.

Don’t want to wait until Christmas to get a gift for your dog? Then an  Advent calendar for your furry friend is just the thing. You can fill this with various snacks and toys.

In our guide you will find instructions on how to make your own dog advent calendar . The great thing about the DIY project: You can use the containers and packaging all year round for other possible gifts. And of course they will be available again for the anticipation calendar in the next Advent season.

What is The Best Gift for Dogs?

Even though dogs are certainly happy about treats, dog biscuits and other dog gifts, the best thing is still when you spend a lot of time with your four-legged friend . For example, you can:

  • Take long walks
  • Take trips to exciting, new places
  • Go on trips with the whole family
  • Try a dog sport like agility or obedience
  • Practice nose work
  • Riding a bike with your dog
  • Spend cuddle hours

No matter what you decide, the shared experiences will bond you and your dog together . This leads to a long-lasting and deep friendship.

Are There Also Gifts for Dog Owners?

Gifts for dogs are a great thing. But it’s the same the other way around! Of course, your dog is its own gift every day. But there is much more that can be done with it.

How about a joint photo shoot, For Example? You will then have beautiful pictures of your close human-animal friendship that you can hang in your home or use as a gift for others.

However, You Should Pay Attention to The Following Aspects During a Photo Shoot:

  • Book a photographer who knows dogs
  • Take photos for a maximum of an hour so that it doesn’t become too strenuous for the dog
  • Don’t force your dog to take poses that make him uncomfortable
  • Always pay attention to your dog’s needs and take regular breaks
  • Consider whether a walk around the dog might produce better photos than a visit to a studio

You can use the photos taken during the shoot for many different things. You can create a personalized calendar with them, simply hang them on the wall, or print them on t-shirts, mugs, or pillowcases. Your imagination knows no boundaries! And you can also give it to other dog lovers.

Our tip: Take a look at our charity collection. There you can find T-shirts, mugs and glass drinking bottles in pretty designs. And for every product you buy, we donate food.

Conclusion: Gifts for Dogs a Sign of Love

Both Christmas presents and birthday presents for dogs are a nice sign that the four-legged friend is part of the family . But you can give your dog a gift at any time, even without a reason.

Dog lovers can choose from a variety of options. From homemade dog treats to personalized collars to shared activities, there is a gift for everyone. We hope you and your four-legged friend have fun unpacking!

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