The 15 Most Expensive Cat Breeds


Here are 15 of the highest-priced cat breeds that have the most expensive prices around.

#15. Scottish Fold The Scottish Fold is between $500 and $2,000

The first on our list of highest-priced cat breeds is one called the Scottish Fold, whose dominant genetic mutation causes ears to fold inwards towards the front of the head. The first breed of this breed was discovered in the year 1961. Its short or long-haired coat can be found in any shade. Friendly, gentle, loving, and friendly This is a dog breed that becomes extremely attached to the owner.

#14. American Curl American Curl: $800-$2,000

A genetic change within the litter of a normal cat led to the American Curl with ears that curve back toward the center of the skull. The second item on our list of expensive breeds of cats comes with short and longhair versions, both sporting silky soft coats that require minimal maintenance.

American curls could include coats of cream, black, brown, or red and eyes that are gold, blue green, or orange. They are known for their relaxed, easygoing personality, and their curious and affectionate cat-like behavior.

#13. British Shorthair $1800-$2,300

On our top list of cat breeds with the highest prices is British Shorthair. It is also called”the British Blue, it is popular for its short and thick coat, which is usually that distinctive shade. It can be found as black, calico cameo or cream, red tortoiseshell, or silver. The eyes can be affected by the coat’s color and can be gold, blue, hazel, green, or orange.

The breed was named as the Domestic Shorthair following its move into the US at the turn of the 20th century. The breed is known as a gentle breed and is suitable for families with children and pets.

#12. Russian Blue 300-$3,000

The most stunning solid-colored fur is characteristic that is Russian blue that has a thick short coat with shades ranging from slate grey to silver and a classic blue-grey, with Silver-tipped hairs on guard. Also, it has eyes that are emerald green. It was born in the Arkhangelsk port and was transported from the Archangel Isles in the 1960s to Northern Europe and Great Britain. Its personality is fascinating and intelligent and has an amiable, reserved, and calm disposition.

#11. Maine Coon $400-$4,000

The biggest domestically-bred cat species is the Maine Coon, which is two times as large as other domestic felines. It is indigenous in the United States state of Maine and is among the oldest natural North American cats around, but the origins of its existence and its arrival remain unanswered. It is often referred to as a gentle giant, and as the cat’s dog in the world, The Maine Coon is social, affectionate, loyal, and a lover of water. It’s probably closely related to the Siberian in addition to The Norwegian Forest Cat and is frequently misunderstood.

#10. Siberian: $700-$4,000

adult brown cat


A huge domestic cat, that is second only to that of the Maine Coon, the Siberian is extremely relaxed around, and is a friend to visitors, children and even dogs. It’s a long-standing Russian breed that was officially developed during the 80s. Despite having an extremely thick double coat it’s actually hypoallergenic thanks to its saliva producing fewer allergens than the other cats.

#9. Ragdoll: $800-$5,000

With such a wide cost range, you could be wondering what the reason is why Ragdoll comes with costs that vary dramatically. This is because it depends on whether you’re looking for an easy pet or a show-quality cat or a show-quality cat suitable to breed. No matter what you choose it’s a breed with the softest, semi-long fur, color-point fur, eyes with blue as well as a massive, muscular body. It is renowned for its soft temperament and affectionate nature the breed was created around the year 1960 in the 1960s by American breeder Ann Baker.

#8. Peterbald: $1,700-$5,000

Peterbald is a rare breed. Peterbald is a unique Russian breed that is relatively fresh, having been bred in the year 1988. It resembles an emaciated Sphynx. This means it could vary from completely bald to having a soft, fuzzy look and sometimes coarse hair. The ancestry of this cat is an amalgamation of the Oriental Shorthair, Siamese, and a specific Sphynx. It is the result of a cat with low maintenance as well as social, loving, and faithful.

#7. Toyger: $3,000-$5,000

Similar to the Bengal Like the Bengal, the Toyger has stripes of fur. The resemblance between the markings of both cats is apparent since it’s the result of crossing the Bengal cat as well as a tabby with short hair from the domestic. Apart from that, however, there are a lot of small differences that are subtle in appearance, as well as big variations in character. While it is a beautiful look but its personality is relaxed and friendly, not highly competitive and energetic.

#6. Persian: $1,500-$5,500

Another well-known cat that is well-known and loved by people around the world is of the most well-known cats is Persian one, which is notable due to its fluffy fur, tail, its flat face, and stunning eyes. It also has an adorable and playful character to match, which makes it attractive to those who want an affectionate cat that can be equally content reclining or being a lap cat as is feisty. The breed’s history is long. a heritage that dates back to many thousands of years.

#5. Sphynx: $900-$9,800

What is the excuse for not noticing this beautiful creature with hairless eyes and ear canals? The Sphynx’s hairlessness is the result of genetic changes that have no other effect than the need to stay warmer than the furry companions. In terms of personality, it’s fun and playful.

#4. Khao Manee: $7,000-$11,000

Thai people’s secret to being a secret for a long time is actually around for centuries! It’s even more intriguing is the reality that it’s naturally occurring. With all-white fur and bright eyes, which are usually different shades, it’s known as”The Diamond Eye Cat.

#3. Bengal: $3,000-$25,000

Another cat breed that is hybrid A hybrid cat breed, the Bengal is interbreeding between cats from the African Mau and the Asian leopard cat.

In contrast to other cat breeds, this cat likes water and isn’t scared of dogs. It’s also ferocious. As with other expensive designer breeds, which cross a native cat and a wild one, it is difficult to breed, which can result in premature kittens and only a few survivors per litter.

#2. Savannah Cat: $10,000-$25,000

orange tabby cat with red collar

The second-placed cat on our top 10 list of costliest cats we have is Savannah Cat. The cross is between a tall, slim, and big-eared wild cat and a domestic cat the price depends on how many generations it has crossed with domestic cats. Therefore the term “F1” means that an F1 is a half-serval.

The F1 is also the most difficult to make due to the differing gestation times between the serval and domestic cats.

#1. Ashera: $22,000-$125,000

The most expensive breed of cat is the gorgeous and exotic Ashera. The median cost is $75,000. A firm based in California handles the majority of breeding for this cat which is 100 cats per year. It’s big and friendly and has an appearance of a dog.

The cat that tops the listing of most expensive cats actually part African leopard and part African serving, and part tabby domestic. It is also famous for its love of heated blankets

While prices for the same breed of cat may differ, the cost for the best show cat will always be more expensive than a pet-quality cat in addition to when used to breed. Following the above-mentioned group of cats, the price of cat breeds will cost an average of $2,000 and go down to a moderate cost of $1,000 or as small as $200.

The demand for a well-known designer, brand-new, and recognizable cat breed is high and that’s why they are priced at a premium cost of purchase. It’s also about guaranteeing the correct ancestry as well as verification of screenings for health and compensation for breeding and also for certain coat shades.

There are many factors at play in the ongoing breeds of some of the costly cat breeds, particularly when you purchase them from a trusted breeder.


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