What Do Baby Birds Eat? 12 Foods and Feeding Tips


It’s normal to be at ease with the baby birds, especially when they look unattended on the floor. If you own pet birds, then knowing what babies eat is crucial.

Chicks usually eat bugs and worms, however, bugs and insects may not be readily available at all times for you. But it is possible to feed young birds raw liver or pet food, such as biscuits and kibbles, or hard-cooked eggs, for example. But, feeding should be handled with the utmost respect.

two yellow chicks

The most important information about Baby Bird Foods

The young birds consume food after hatching to live. They eat the food they are given by their parents like insects, worms, and seeds.

Conditions to Consider When Feeding Birds To Babies is required

What baby birds eat in the wild may differ from what they consume with humans. You can still discover natural bird food for babies in the shops. However, before crossing that line figure out the scenarios when you should feed baby birds.

1. The New Pet Baby Bird

If your bird’s pets have recently hatched eggs then feeding a new bird is the top priority. As a responsible pet owner, it is essential to locate baby bird food to ensure that your pet is healthy and happy.

2. Lost & Found Baby Bird

It’s normal to be concerned about what you feed your baby birds that flew away from their nests. It’s good to know that you can search for typical residential food items for young birds.

Best Foods to Feed an Unpretentious Baby Bird

Humans feed baby birds But before you feed them food, you must first understand the process that is natural for baby-feeding birds.

As hatchlings and day-old passerines cannot feed themselves, they depend upon their parent. The parents take the food and break it down by putting it in their mouths. They then feed their young bird’s soft food.

Food #1: Sunflower hearts

What kinds of seeds do birds with young consume? The most nutritious kind is sunflowers with no shells. The sunflower hearts are ideal to nestlings as they have all the essential nutrients needed by young passerines. However, don’t forget to cut the pieces into smaller pieces before feeding.

Food 2: Peanut Granules

Whole peanuts aren’t suggested for chicks. They could choke and then die. But, you can grind the peanuts as the granulated variety is safe for babies to consume. There is also the option of purchasing ready-made food items.

Food #3: Caterpillars

What are the most common foods that baby birds consume other than worms? The average baby bird eats 100 caterpillars per day. If you see damaged or abandoned chicks then a swarm of caterpillars could be the answer. If you find them ugly, try another food item.

Food #4 Mealworms

In the wild, chicks receive food from parents using worms. If you own pet birds to feed, then you will probably have little time to dig around on the ground and search for food. It is possible to buy live mealworms at a local shop. However, you must cut the mealworms into pieces to enable them to be digested more easily.

Food #5: Nectar solution

If you’re wondering what happens to baby birds who drink milk The answer is no. However, you can make nectar solutions that are ideal for Hummingbirds. The nectar solution is made up of 4 parts of clean water and 1 part of sugar.

Food #6: Vegetables

If chopped thinly, vegetables can be fed to baby birds. If you have corn and peas at home, chop the pieces finely before feeding those adorable little birds.

photo of baby birds on nest

Food #7: Cat kibble

Cat kibble isn’t an ordinary baby bird food item, but this blend of vegetables, meat cereals, dough, and other ingredients is safe for young birds. Before you serve the feline food to young chicks, you must make them soft and sponge-like making use of water.

Food #8: Hard-cooked eggs

While it may seem like a sin boiling chicken or duck eggs to feed babies chickens is actually a secure food preparation method. It is possible to add a tiny amount of water and cut eggs into small pieces for easier intake.

Food #9: Dog food

If you’re searching for food items to feed your nesting bird, then you don’t need to spend a long time searching. If you have dogs in the home and you want to feed them, dog food will work. Make sure you soak the food for your dog in drinking water in order to attain an extremely moist and hydrated food.

Food #10: Dog biscuits

Dog biscuits are obviously intended for dogs, however, they can also be used to feed a young bird. The biscuits are easy to use particularly if the task of finding a bird with a young to take care of isn’t on your list of things to do. Be aware that you should first moisten them with water that is clean before feeding them.

Food #11: Raw liver

As surprising as it may be that little birds consume liver that is raw, and also raw kidneys. Cut the raw meat into tiny strips, but do not use any kind of seasoning. A half-inch or an inch is sufficient, however, not much longer to prevent choking the young birds.

Food #12: Fruits

Every bird loves fruit, especially berries. Even babies love berries. Of course, they can’t eat the whole fruit. Let them soak in the water for a while and then cut them into small pieces.

If you’re thinking that babies eat bananas it is true. This type of fruit is high in protein, which is ideal for birds who have just been born.

Tips for feeding babies Birds

If you intend to feed a sick baby bird, or even raise it as a pet, you should know how to do it correctly.

  • Babies are avid eaters. They require feeding every 10-20 minutes.
  • In the process of feeding them, keep in mind that you have to let their bills be paid by themselves.
  • With a plastic syringe remove the needle and fill the syringe with Baby bird feed.
  • Utilizing plastic forceps instead rather than using the fingers of your hands, you can use forceps made of plastic to hold the food items. This can be done to foods like small pieces of fruits, vegetables, and mealworms.
  • Chopsticks aren’t easy however it is possible to be effective. Use the end of the wooden piece to scoop up the food you want to eat.

Foods Not to Feed Babies Birds With

Certain foods should not be fed to chicks. Here are some food items to avoid for hatchlings fledglings, as well as youngsters:

  • Bread
  • Water
  • Honey
  • Pet bird meals
  • Junk food items like chips

If you’re asking yourself what the reason you shouldn’t give babies water The answer is simple: security. The chicks could drown in water, and this is particularly difficult if you’re an accredited rehabilitation specialist.

It’s essential to soak your dog’s biscuits, food, and kibble before feeding.


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