What is a Group of Birds Called? (Names for a Flock of Birds)


What is a bird group known as? There are many different ways to define a crowd. The correct word for a bird group depends on the kind or species of bird. It’s an interesting reminder that every bird has a name that can be called and some even come with names that are funny and impossible to forget.

There are many names for a group of birds. Are you aware that a flock of finches is known as a charm? Learn more about the various fascinating bird groups and their names.

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Types of Birds as well as their specific Flock Names

Certain of these collective nouns were first used as early as the 15th century. For instance, the term “gaggle of geese” or exaltation to Larks. The two collective nouns can be included in the renowned book about collective nouns, The Book of Saint Albans. These are the top creative names that are given to groups of birds:

1. Owls

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Owls are night-time birds of prey, but they are also solitary animals. It’s rare to encounter them in large groups, but you may be wondering, what’s the name of an owl group? A group of this kind is known as an owl parliament, an investigation or bazaar of Owls. Another name for a reputable owl group refers to the wisdom of the owl.

2. Crows

Crows are considered social animals. They often congregate in groups. Crows in a flock are often referred to as a murderer, congress, or the term “horde. They are also known together as a cauldron or a muster.

The most well-known of name groups of crows is”murder of crows.. The dark connection of crows to murder was rooted in folklore that crows could decide on a species and execute the guilty hence the name murder of crows.

3. Eagles

Eagles are a diverse bird species There are more than 60 different species throughout the globe. An eagle group is known as a convocation or a group. They are sometimes referred to collectively as an aerie made up of Eagles.

What is a Flock?

The word “flock,” in general could refer to an animal group, and isn’t that only applicable to birds? It could be used to refer to cattle or sheep. A flock’s name is based on the species. However, If the group of birds you observe comprises different birds, then the word “flock” is the appropriate term.

Two conditions must be met before a collection of birds is described as a “flock. It is not a strict norm, but this is the way it is used when referring to birds.

1. Species

If a bird group is part of the same family or species of birds, the flock of birds has names that are unique to their particular species. For instance, if you observe a flock of crows, the group of birds is referred to as a confederation and is not called a”flock” since they are branded with specific names.

A flock of bird species a group if they’re composed of different species of birds. If you spot a flock of ducks and chickens or a few ducks, then you are able to identify them as a flock.

2. Number

There is no consensus on birds that should specifically be considered to constitute a flock. Birds often are seen in groups, like cranes, starlings and sparrows could be considered a flock in the case of a large number of them, for example, more than a half dozen.

The bar is set low for birds that are not solitary like eagles and hummingbirds, so even if you only see one or two birds, the group may be called an “eagle.

What is the reason Birds fly together?

A bird flock flying in a group is a common sight to see, particularly in the evening hours. What could be the reason for this?

  1. A group of people can increase the probability to detect a predator, particularly during migrations. This increases the chance of survival as well as ensures security as a group could repel predators by mobbing.
  2. It’s easier to locate food when birds fly together. There are many birds that are more efficient than one searching for food. If one member of the flock is able to find food, it will then call the rest of the birds to take a bite from the meal.
  3. The energy savings from flying together is also reduced since the draft of each bird is used to fuel the flight. The “V” configuration facilitates the travel of the group.
  4. A grouping can also help keep birds warm during the night. This is especially true for starlings, which are commonly known to form a murmur.
  5. Certain birds, like flamingos, flock together to breed or forage and mating. They form a tight group and are likely to join together because their options for habitat are very limited.


The most common term used to describe birds in a group is flock. However, specific birds have distinct names for groups. There are a variety of possible solutions to the question of what is a bird group known as. The term “flock” isn’t always the best term, and you will know this at the conclusion of this piece.

The answer will always depend on the type of bird that you observe. It’s also fun to be able to recognize these beautiful and wacky bird groups’ names. If you have enjoyed this article, don’t forget to share this article with your friends!


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