Why Do Horses Trip and Stumble So Much? 7 Reasons


Seven reasons horses can fall and stumble.

A variety of reasons why a horse falls can cause serious health issues and could be hazardous for the horse as well as the riding partner, which is why you should determine the root of this problem as soon as you can. It may be a simple fix, such as a tack adjustment or hoof trimming.

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Have you ever felt utterly bored? It’s an unpleasant feeling. Horses are extremely intelligent, and they are prone to becoming bored. If that occurs, the horse could get into all sorts of vices. The majority of them are not likely to be in the stables, but they can be.

The third sentence of the first paragraph might be an indication of the reason that the horse stumbled. If you’re not a fan of the same old, same old thinking about your horse, consider the. If you follow the same path each time you go out you, you might get bored of it.

I’ve had one horse who couldn’t go on the trail without falling. He would get bored if there weren’t any other horses within his view. When you brought him into the middle it was fine. His ears were buzzing and his eyes glued. I believe the man was a daydreamer.

Hoof issues

A variety of hoof issues could cause horses to fall. Horses require their hooves to be trimmed frequently. The trimming process is typically carried out once every 6 weeks. A good farrier must keep the horse’s feet in a balanced position as he checks them through trimming or corrective shoes.

While the majority of the hoofs don’t have a sensation there are some areas that have a sense. An untrained farrier could nail the hoof too high, leading to nail binding. A rock could injure the frog, or the central area of the hoof, or even an abscess might develop.

Abscesses can be difficult to spot. To determine if you have one, raise the horse’s hind foot and apply pressure on the sole of the animal’s feet using your hoof pick. If you strike a painful area, your horse will react to stone bruising and abscesses. Sometimes, leg injuries can cause horses to fall.

Horses that are not properly groomed

Just like humans, horses have to be taught things. If a horse is in the process of learning, maybe only green broken, can struggle when riding. The horse must learn to handle their own tack, themselves, as well as the passenger.

It’s a part of developing muscle tone. This is the reason why a horse who hasn’t been in a stable for a long time may stumble. Consider the horse as an athlete with no exercise and conditioning the horse may be a bit off.

If your horse was off for a while, be certain to ease it to get it back in good condition. I generally take a week to walk my horses recovering from an absence.

In the second week, I’ll start introducing brief intervals of running and gradually increase their exercise over the course of six weeks. Horses are individual animals There is no specific plan established, therefore you have to keep an eye on your horse when you are increasing their level of fitness.

Poor conformation

Problems with confirmation are a concern for many novices when choosing the right horse. This is among the primary reasons why it is important to have a knowledgeable rider when choosing a horse.

The term “conformity” refers to an animal’s structure. Certain breeds have different conformation from other breeds, however, there are anatomical models that are suitable for each. A horse that has its feet that are out of alignment or have issues with confirmation.

The majority of horses have one or more trouble areas of their conformation, without hindering their ability to travel or run. But, there are some that appear small but can cause serious issues when riding with the rider.

What kind of horse and how good they are will be the deciding elements in determining whether the horse is safe to be riding. In this regard, training is crucial. Although you cannot train out an inconsistency issue you could make it worse through improper training.

Joint problems

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If you’re an adult reader, you could know more about this subject than a young person. The aging process, riding style, as well as other factors, can cause problems for the joints of the horse. Concussion, or impact, that occurs when a horse is engaged in a rigorous ride, is the main reason.

Chronic pain

If it’s a joint problem or otherwise, animals could suffer from chronic pain, just as humans do. In most instances, it’s an injury to a joint or is a hoof issue. Sometimes, a farrier can ease the pain using specific shoes. Sometimes, the farrier isn’t able to. Similar to the vet. There are treatments however they could or might not be effective.

Nerve system damage

Many things can harm the horse’s nervous system. Certain diseases could be a cause, as is eating certain plants. Yellow starthistle tops the list however there are others. The majority of the time it is the result of injuries.

The nervous system comprises the brain, as well as the nerves branching out from it. When the spine gets damaged, it can cause stumbling problems, or even an accident to the head. It is possible to check your horse for specific nerve injuries while grooming.

The daily grooming process has numerous benefits. It allows you to get to know your horse and teaches it to stay still, but the most important thing is that it allows you to inspect your horse for injuries.

Imagine that you’ve checked for any injuries, and your veterinarian discovers that the animal’s feet are in good condition. If that’s the scenario, equine neurological diseases like EHV type 1(EHV-1) equine protozoal myeloencephalitis (EPM) or West Nile virus may be the cause.

These neurological issues are difficult to recognize and manage. They can cause serious problems in the absence of treatment, but when detected early and properly treated certain horses recover completely.

What can I do to find out the reason my horse is causing it to be unable to walk?

A horse who stumbles often isn’t just a risk to the horse itself. It’s also a threat to the horse’s rider as well as those who are around it too. A slip can result in the risk of falling, which could result in injury to the rider or death. So, identifying and removing the root of the problem is crucial.

Two people you should discuss the issue with first. The farrier could be able to determine the root of the problem if it’s hoof-related. The farrier can also fix the issue by trimming or creating shoes that meet the requirement.

For example, a broken horse requires lighter shoes than a mature horse may require. The shoes that are stout will be difficult for a new horse to adjust to. If there’s an issue with hoof conformation the farrier might be able fix the issue.

The other person to call is your veterinarian. This will confirm (or in) some of the other ailments that have been mentioned. The cause could be as easy as a poorly fitting tack or something more severe. The vet may request an x-ray to determine whether there is an undiscovered injury.

After you have looked at the horse, you will be able to determine what is the issue. If there is a problem there is, you’ll probably need an instructor at a minimum to address the problem. The trainer will not solely with your horse, but also with other horses.

Whatever your issue is what it is, your riding style could cause it to get worse. This doesn’t mean that you’re an unfit rider, but that adjustments must be made to ensure the safety of yourself and the animal. As I mentioned earlier the issue may be due to the need to alter the scenery.

The correct posture of riding is essential as well. If a horse’s rider has a tendency to lean forward for the majority of every moment, this may cause problems. The horse should be able to carry the majority of its weight on its hindquarters. The front should carry 40 percent of the weight. The problem can arise in the event that the rider tends to lean toward one side.

The horse and the rider need to be part of a team to ensure the safety of each. If your horse is suffering from an issue with stumbling It is essential to deal with the issue now. It could be too for you.


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